Dialysis Enhancement Products, Inc.

Company History

Dialysis Enhancement Products was founded in 1993.  Its founder, Jeff Laws had been working for a local San Diego dialysis provider.   This small chain of dialysis clinics was seeing quite a bit of growth.  Jeff was part of the team who would develop new clinics for this provider.  He was frustrated with the Dialysis Wall Boxes that were available at the time.  He put together a small group of dialysis professionals including Administrators, Nurses and Technicians.  Getting input from this group and with pen and paper in hand, he sketched out what would become the “Dialysis Wall Box”.

That design has proven to be a winner.  Products that had currently been available consisted of two pieces.  The face was glued to the basin portion of the box.  This seam had created a reputation of coming apart after time.  The Dialysis Enhancement Products Wall Box is a one piece design.  No seams and therefore no seams to come apart.  The design is aesthetically appealing and therefore adds a touch of class to any dialysis clinic.

Initially the company only sold the Dialysis Wall Box in a very generic state.  No valves, no fittings, and no holes drilled.  The primary focus was for the do it yourself customer.  It was no secret that we were missing out on a large portion of the market by only offering the product in this generic state.  With that, we set out on the task of offering our product fully equipped.  This was a critical time for us.  We had a reputation of having quality products.  So, picking the right components for the fully equipped product was of great importance.  After months of evaluations, quality components were selected as well as some custom made parts.

Mission accomplished

We now offer the Dialysis Wall Box in many configurations to accommodate most customer needs.  The components selected have supported our mission of only providing quality products.  We have placed over 5000 units.  We would like to thank our customer base who has supported us for so many years.